Cooperative and startup company accelerate development

Kaumera takes a big step forward. Four Dutch water authorities are working together in a new cooperative responsible for production. A new startup BV takes charge of market operations. This BV, Kaumera Sales and Services BV, is owned 50/50 by Royal HaskoningDHV and the Kaumera cooperative, taking the production of this biobased raw material into a new phase. Market interest in Kaumera has been demonstrated in recent years. It is now time to accelerate the development with more capacity and focus.

The Kaumera Cooperative

This new cooperation brings additional commitment to the development of Kaumera. An innovation like this requires a lot of research. By combining their expertise and resources, the water authorities can do more research and share knowledge. In this way, they accelerate the product development that the market needs. The participants in the cooperative make decisions together on production and on the strategy for Kaumera's development.

The following four water authorities form the cooperative:

- Water authority de Stichtste Rijnlanden

- Water authority Limburg

- Water authority Vallei and Veluwe

- Water authority Rijn and IJssel

The water authorities are choosing this form of cooperation because they want to make a major contribution to the national government's goal of making our country fully circular by 2050. Therefore, together with partners, they are fully committed to the research, production and marketing of Kaumera.

The cooperative has started with four Dutch water authorities. The possibility is open for other water authorities to also participate in the future.

Kaumera Sales and Services BV

The new company is owned 50% by the cooperative and 50% by Royal HaskoningDHV. The latter has been one of the partners in the Kaumera cooperation from the beginning and is responsible for the development and supply of the technology.

Kaumera Sales and Services BV deals with marketing and sales. The BV also directs product development based on market demands.

This is a unique collaboration between the producing water authorities and a company with expertise in marketing innovative products.

Support by EU LIFE grant

To support the success of Kaumera, the EU LIFE program has given a new grant for the next 3 years. The grant aims to establish the two new organizations, further market approach and product development. This is the second LIFE grant from the EU. The first one ended successfully in 2023. Its main objective was to realize the production sites in Zutphen and Epe.