Raw materials plant

A future-proof raw material

Collaboration is about combining forces, everyone's knowledge and expertise, backgrounds and experience. This has been our starting point for the development of Kaumera Nereda® Gum. Every party involved contributes its share of the knowledge and expertise needed for the recovery, processing and marketing of Kaumera. In this way, the Water Authorities, science and business work together on the water purification and raw materials for the future.

Kaumera extraction from household waste water

There are more Nereda® treatment plants in the Netherlands, but they process household wastewater instead of Industrial residual water. These plants are not yet combined with an extraction plant like the one in Zutphen. The Vallei en Veluwe Water Authority and other partners are working together on an installation that also makes it possible to extract these biopolymers from domestic wastewater.

Raw materials plant Zutphen

Since October 2017, people are working hard at the construction site of the sewage treatment plant in Zutphen. This plant consists of a Nereda® water treatment plant and a Kaumera extraction installation. A world first!



The water treatment plant in Zutphen will be ready to treat FrieslandCampina's residual water in January 2019. The Kaumera extraction installation to produce the new raw material is scheduled for completion in the autumn of 2019. The plant in Zutphen is being built by the Rijn and IJssel Water Authority. The Vallei en Veluwe Water Authority is currently building a raw materials plant in Epe. There, purified sewage is used to produce Kaumera.

With the support of

The realisation of the raw materials plant in Zutphen is made possible by financial contributions from the European Commission through the LIFE programme, the Ministry of Economic Affairs through the DEI programme and the Province of Gelderland.