Nereda® is a sustainable purification technology in which the purifying, active sludge does not form flakes, but granules. This makes the sludge settle much faster and easier. The technology has a high purification efficiency, takes up little space (no large settling tanks needed) and consumes relatively little energy.

The Nereda® technology is discovered by TU Delft. This technology was developed in collaboration with, among others, the water authorities and STOWA and is currently being marketed worldwide by Royal Haskoning DHV.

There are more Nereda® treatment plants in the Netherlands, but they process household wastewater and do not yet have an extraction plant that processes industrial residual water like the one in Zutphen. The Vallei and Veluwe Water Authority and other partners are working together on an installation that will also enable the extraction of these biopolymers from domestic wastewater. At Rhine and IJssel Water Authority and Vallei and Veluwe Water Authority full scale NEO-alginaat installations will eventually be built. They expect to save costs by processing a quarter less sludge and selling the raw material.

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Nereda® technology