Kaumera is a new bio-based raw material that is extracted from the sludge granules that form during the Nereda® purification process. In many cases, it can be used as a subsitute for petrochemical materials. The Netherlands has the world first: the first production site is in Zutphen, a second plant was opened in Epe in 2020. By removing Kaumera from the purified sludge, 20- 35% less sludge needs to be removed and processed. This has a positive effect on energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

What is Kaumera?

Adding value

By recovering Kaumera, we add value to the water chain. We produce a valuable raw material that we can market. As a result, water purification can become more profitable around the world and we make an important contribution to the global need for circularity.

Because of its special properties, Kaumera can be used in many applications. It can retain and repel water, it is fire retardant and is an excellent binder for composite materials, among others. Since its introduction, many promising products are under development in agriculture, forestry and horticulture, the construction industry and the world of new materials and composites.

Meet the Kaumera partners


Kaumera. It is a versatile name for a versatile product. Kaumera means "chameleon" in Maori, the language of New Zealand's original inhabitants. The chameleon is known for its colorful transformation and adaptability.

Kaumera is an enhancer and connector of properties. Combining Kaumera with another raw material changes the character of the fabric. It is a binder and adhesive, as well as fire retardant. This ensures that the application possibilities are practically endless.
Kaumera can retain but also repel water. This makes applications possible in, for example, agriculture, horticulture and the concrete industry. Consider, for example, the coating of fertilizers so that the crops absorb the fertilizers better. As a result, less fertilizer ends up in the water or soil unnecessarily. As a coating of seeds, Kaumera ensures that the plants are more resilient and grow better. In concrete, Kaumera keeps it from curing too quickly and prevents cracking.


The Rhine and IJssel Water Authority, the Vallei and Veluwe Water Authority, Delft University of Technology, RoyalHaskoningDHV and the Dutch Foundation for Applied Research in Water Management (STOWA (stichting onderzoek waterschappen)) are working together on the extraction and marketing of this special biobased raw material with many practical, valuable application possibilities.

International launch

Kaumera's development was made possible by the EU's LIFE program, the Province of Gelderland and the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland.