EU Life Programme

LIFE is a grant programme of the European Union. Its aim is to support innovative projects that fit into European nature, environment and climate policies. They should further develop the policy or put it into practice. Any organisation in the EU can participate. From large and small companies to governments and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Two grant periods

At the start of the project, the EU awarded a grant for a 3-year period: Waste2Kaumera. The objective of this grant was to realise demonstration plants for Kaumera and explore applications.

In 2023, the Waste2Kaumera grant officially ended.

The evaluation report (pdf, 257 kB) provides an overview of goals, activities and results.

2023 Kaumera2Market

In autumn 2023, the EU awarded a new grant for a three-year period. The objective for this grant is twofold. The first is to strengthen activities to bring Kaumera to market with promising applications. The second objective is to create a dossier of best practices. The knowledge and experience gained can be used by related EU projects in the field of wastewater and resource recovery.

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