Innovation is about knowledge, research, creativity and collaboration. We are engaged in testing, pilot projects and full-scale applications in various markets. Below is a selection of these projects.

Forestry and agriculture

Young tree growth Hoefakker Tree specialists


Can the moisture retention properties of Kaumera help young trees by better retaining moisture in the soil? That is the question with which a practical trial in the forest in Loenen has started. Initial results look good.

Koppert Biological Systems

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Koppert applies Kaumera as part of their biostimulants. After multiple international field tests, we now have a multi-year contract with Koppert to supply Kaumera.

N-xt Fertilizer

toepassing coating zaadkorrel lr

Together with N-XT Fertilizers, Loonbedrijf Ten Hove and Zetadec, we are doing a test with Kaumera in the application as a soil improver in the cultivation of corn.

Here we are trying to stimulate soil activity. Here, tests have been used with Kaumera as an additive with a sustainable liquid fertilizer.

The aim of the research is to determine whether by improving soil life with the combination product Kaumera you need to add less fertilizer to the soil.