Foundation for Applied Water Research STOWA

STOWA (stichting onderzoek waterschappen) is the knowledge centre of and for regional water managers. We develop, make available, share and implement practical, applicable knowledge. The water managers need this knowledge in order to adequately carry out the tasks they face and the ambitions they have. These include climate adaptation, water safety and good water quality. But also the recovery of energy and raw materials, such as Kaumera Nereda Gum.

STOWA (stichting onderzoek waterschappen) does not develop the knowledge itself, but has it developed by universities, knowledge institutes and the business community.

STOWA works demand-driven. We answer those questions that managers would like to have an answer to. We formulate these questions with our supporters. They are also involved in the execution of research, the implementation of the results and the sharing of experiences with them.

For more information, please visit our website. Here you will also find our strategy paper for 2019-2023 'Energy in Synergy'..