The extraction process

Kaumera Methods Manual

Standardizing becomes necessary. It ensures commercial, academic and public partners produce comparable data which leads to innovations and accelerates commercial developments. This manual compiles standard protocols for Kaumera laboratory extraction and characterization as agreed on by the Dutch Kaumera consortium. The audience are researchers, water authorities and the private industry.

The Kaumera Methods Manual (pdf, 2.9 MB) is developed by Delft University of Technology with the cooperation of Royal HaskoningDHV and the Rijn en IJssel water authority.

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The extraction process

The raw materials plant in Zutphen at Rijn and IJssel water authority is the first location where Kaumera is extracted. A second plant is in Epe at Vallei and Veluwe water authority. Below, you can see shown the extraction process schematically.

Kaumera-illustratie 40 cm medres
Enlargement and explanation:


The properties of Kaumera when used in a biostimulant are listed in this factsheet. (pdf, 421 kB)