First year of Kaumera

One year after the launch of Kaumera

It's been a year since we launched Kaumera Nereda Gum as a new innovative raw material that we can extract from  wastewater. What has happened in the meantime and what will the coming year bring us? Quite a few studies and collaborations are underway to develop applications. The second Kaumera extraction plant in Epe is ready and will soon be fully operational. In short, enough to look forward to!

Award winning

The cooperating partners in the NKOP (National Kaumera Development Program) have won several important prizes and nominations:

We have won the Water Innovation Award 2019 and the prestigious Aquatech Innovation Award 2019. Furthermore, Kaumera was one of the finalists for the Circular Awards. In September 2020, one of the Kaumera Partners won Water Technology Company of the Year in the Global Water Awards 2020.


Aftermovie Kaumera launch event

Enjoy the moment once more

The launch of Kaumera was a festive event with interesting speakers, an exhibition and tours of de raw materials plant. The aftermovie shows an impression of the day.

Extraction proces up and running

From October 2019 the Kaumera extraction installation has been started up. We have done this in steps. As soon as a process step was under control, we proceeded to the next step. Kaumera is new and we are the first in the world to produce it. That's why you can't quite predict what you will encounter. Sometimes things went smoothly, sometimes there were unexpected situations that had to be solved. Our colleagues, together with experts from the Kaumera partners, have worked hard to arrange the process properly. The next step is now 24-hour production.

DSC_0137 lr

Visits to the Raw materials plant

The first six months after the opening we received many guests in Zutphen like participants of Aquatech, other water authorities, professionals from the water world, delegations interested in purchasing a Kaumera installation, government representatives, education, groups of residents.

Unfortunately this is no longer possible for the known reasons. We have made a short video tour and will continue to receive guests as soon as it is safe again.

First delivery of Kaumera

In March 2020 the first truck full of Kaumera was loaded and transported to biotechnology company  Chaincraft. They processed it and forwarded it to their customer Koppert Biological Systems. The Kaumera was used as a bio-stimulant. It is now clear that the customer is satisfied with the results and the next order is expected soon.

DSC_0009 web

Interested to learn more?

In the Q&A (docx, 18 kB)  you will find more detailed information.

What will Kaumera be used for?

Kaumera is very versatile. Besides use as biostimulant and coating for fertilizers, there are also tests and researches for use in e.g. fire resistant materials, insulation, building materials and composite materials. Of course, all applications must be thoroughly tested and researched. That takes time, but it is also very good and exciting to see what is possible.