N-xt Fertilizer and Loonbedrijf Ten Hove

N-xt Fertilizers and Loonbedrijf Ten Hove team up with Kaumera for more sustainable agriculture. An experiment began in 2022 where N-xt Fertilizers and Loonbedrijf Ten Hove joined forces with Kaumera. In 2023, these test will be expanded.

Kaumera contains many well-known elements for agriculture such as amino acids, saccharides and NPK. The main objective of the initial trials in 2022 was to investigate how Kaumera could be applied effectively in the field. The material has specific characteristics, such as a certain viscosity and thickness, that make it difficult to spread in the field. It thus required careful adjustments to machine technology and precise determination of where and how to apply Kaumera from Zutphen.

Expand trials

After valuable experience in 2022, it was decided to expand the trial to larger plots in 2023. This will involve working with a set concentration and the addition of control groups. A notable feature of products containing amino acids is that they usually have a lower EC value than mineral fertilisers. This results in a more gradual release of nitrogen to plants. Moreover, literature shows that amino acids and similar compounds can have a beneficial effect on soil life, allowing bacteria and fungi to develop better. It is, as it were, a 'backpack' that the soil carries with it, speeding up its colonisation.

N-ext Fertilizer bodemfoto

Better soil quality

Improving the quality of agricultural soils plays a crucial role in achieving regional climate ambitions. A healthy soil can retain water more efficiently, which is of great importance. Soil samples have been taken to investigate the effects on soil life. During the maize harvest, we closely watch yield and crop development, especially cob setting.
This collaboration between N-xt Fertilizers, Loonbedrijf Ten Hove and Kaumera is a step towards more sustainable farming practices. The cooperation partners are deploying innovative products and technologies to improve both yield and soil quality, with positive consequences for both agriculture and the environment.