Omlab Design studio

Omlab, circular biobased design studio, explores opportunities to use the abundance of circular raw materials in construction, infra and strengthening biodiversity. In a large-scale way, with 100% respect for nature. For example, they developed a printing paste with Kaumera, among others, that may have promising applications in construction.

Omlab developed a paste from raw materials from sewage and drinking water treatment, named after the principle of #materialmatters. Variants are suitable for (interior) construction (BuildMatterial) to nature development (ItBetterMatter).

Omlab's material prototype oMatterial is environmentally friendly, constructive, strong (structuurvisie ondergrond) as a gypsum concrete block, (untreated) biodegradable ánd regenerable. The raw materials come from the region; transport costs and CO2 emissions are limited.

Omlab chose seemingly worthless, supercircular raw materials: calcite from drinking water softening, cellulose (the old toilet paper reprocessed into Recell) and Kaumera from sewage treatment. Plus a tiny bit of alginate. The latter is the only primary biobased feedstock. Mixed with water it creates a mixture with the properties of clay. After printing, the material only needs to be dried, and then closely resembles 3d-printed concrete. It is printable, as well as suitable for extruding and pressing.

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