Sustainable water purification

Sustainable water purification

Nereda® is a new, sustainable treatment technology in which the activated sludge does not form flakes, but granules. This makes this sludge settle much faster and easier. The technology has a high purification efficiency, takes up little space (no need for large settling tanks) and consumes relatively little energy.

The granular sludge produced during this treatment of wastewater contains a relatively high percentage of Kaumera. This raw material is a very valuable substitute for many petrochemicals in many industries, such as agriculture, construction, composite materials and concrete industry.

The award-winning technology was invented by Delft University of Technology and developed in a unique public-private partnership between the University, the Netherlands Foundation for Applied Water Research (STOWA (stichting onderzoek waterschappen)), the Dutch Water Boards and Royal HaskoningDHV.

The Nereda process

Links Nereda®, rechts traditionele zuivering

The Nereda® technology on the left, on the right the traditional purification

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